///Hot Air Balloon Event Descriptions

Hot Air Balloon Event Descriptions

Are you interested in having the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon make an appearance at a local event?  If so, there are five options you can consider.  Learn about each one below:

Event Fly-Over (Free Flight)
FergusFallsMNAll eyes turn to the skies when the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon flies over your community event. This makes a balloon fly-over a great branding option when you are unable to get on-site space at your event. The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon can accommodate two passengers of average weight plus the pilot. Flights vary, but last approximately one hour, and adhere to sunrise and sunset times and wind and weather restrictions. Note: requesting party must be able to provide 3 ground crew members- two of which can ride in the balloon during the flight and one to assist in the chase vehicle.

Tether Rides
SONY DSCRE/MAX Hot Air Balloon tether rides are a great option when you are able to get clearance for an on-site presence at your community event. In a tether event, passengers go up and come back down in the balloon while it is anchored to the ground at three fixed points. Each ride lasts approximately 3 minutes and can accommodate two adults plus the pilot. A tether event can last from 30 – 90 minutes depending on weather conditions and adhere to sunrise and sunset times and wind and weather restrictions. Tether rides require a 200 x 200 foot area of grass for set-up. Note: requesting party must be able to provide a tie-off vehicle and 4 ground crew members.

Parade Unit
2012 Grande dayThe RE/MAX branded balloon chase vehicle and trailer with basket and burners has become one of our most popular options- especially for evening and holiday parades. The basket is set up with burners attached, which can be periodically blasted during the parade ride. This event draws a great deal of attention, and is a great choice as it is not weather permitting. Note: requesting party is responsible for any and all parade applications, entrance fees etc.

26-Foot Cold Air Balloon
fergus6The 26 foot tall RE/MAX inflatable is an excellent option for all-day branding exposure. It may be used inside or outside and is more flexible than the hot air balloon when it comes to weather conditions. The 26-foot balloon can be up day or night and requires 3 – 4 anchor points and a space approximately 30 x 30 feet. The 26-foot cold air balloon runs on electricity or a generator (upon request). It may be requested for use, but is always available for set up in the event that the hot air balloon cannot be inflated.

Night Glow
A RE/MAXWaterfordWI Glow Hot Air Balloon night glow consists of the pilot inflating the balloon on the ground after dark. The burners of the balloon create a “glowing” effect. A night glow is a great accent to fireworks displays and other night time events.

For more information on requesting a RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon appearance, click an appropriate link below:

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