Did you know that over half of all real estate searches in April 2016 were conducted through one of five real estate websites?

Did you know also know that RE/MAX syndicates to ALL of them? That means YOUR listings are seen by 52.9% of all potential buyers looking for homes. The April 2016 Visibility Chart will help you showcase the presence of the RE/MAX brand! In addition to the Visibility Chart, we’ve also included the 2015 Year End Marketshare – #1 Cities. In all of these cities, RE/MAX is NUMBER ONE in market share!

Use the Visibility Chart:

  • As a value proposition in listing presentations, showing prospective clients the exposure their listing will get;
  • To show potential recruits that being a RE/MAX agent will put their listings in front of more active home buyers;
  • Share across your social networks!

You could also use the Marketshare information to motivate your agents to set a goal to reach Number 1!

Click here to download the April 2016 Visibility Chart

Click here for #1 Cities – Indiana

Click here for #1 Cities – Minnesota

Click here for #1 Cities – Wisconsin