As an agent, becoming a good communicator is natural. Chances are your linguistic skills played a large role in your career path, and it goes without saying that the way you come across can make or break your business. To help enhance the way you communicate on paper, our App of the Month is the world’s leading automated proof-reader, Grammarly. This tool is used by millions, including the employees here at the RE/MAX INTEGRA Regional Office.

You can download Grammarly on almost all of the platforms you use to communicate with clients. You can use it either in your web browser or as a Microsoft Office add-on. There’s even a Grammarly plugin for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on desktop and downloadable versions for mobile.

It operates similarly to Word by underlining grammar errors, but it does more than that by providing you with an explanation of the problem so you can learn from your mistakes.

Like almost all apps, Grammarly won’t do the work for you. You still must write and read your copy, but it will identify some of the common mistakes made below:

  • Confused prepositions
  • Overuse of the passive voice
  • Wordy sentences
  • Spelling mistakes

Overall, if you have a bad habit, Grammarly helps point them out so you can tune up your writing and present your best self to clients. It’s almost like an online tutor that’s always working, and the best part? It’s FREE!

Engage your readers and use Grammarly to turn a post, a reply and any type of communication into a sharp product that will result in new leads!

Download Grammarly by pressing the applicable button below!