We understand that when you’re stuck in a tech rut, you need help and you need help fast. But we also know that as busy real estate professionals, you’re not always sitting at your desk with your laptop open to Launchpad. And that sometimes, even though we don’t want to admit it, emails get lost in the shuffle. And so, we are very excited to announce that you can now text the RE/MAX INTEGRA support desk! That’s right…our Support Team is now able to receive your support requests via text!
All you need to do is text your question or issue to the appropriate phone number below and our Support Team will look into it.  You’ll first receive an auto-confirmation text (within 10 seconds), letting you know that your text was received.  As our Support Team is able to resolve your issue, or provide you an answer to your problem, they’ll respond back on the same thread.  Here’s an example of what it will look like:
Keep in mind, each region has their own dedicated texting number.  We strongly encourage you to create a RE/MAX Support contact in your phone with the appropriate number included.  This way, when you’re out and about and an issue pops up, you’ll be ready!

Indiana: (317) 699-8634

North Central: (952) 260-6288

New England: (617) 858-8869

It is important to note: These phone numbers are exclusive to text messages!  If you call this number, you will receive an automated voicemail explaining the number is not a telephone number and is only able to be texted!

Although texting is convenient, you will continue to have multiple ways to connect with our Support Team, including our website with the built in Live Chat feature as well as email! As always, you can find that information in the RE/MAX Launchpad under the Broker & Agent support tile.