The much anticipated booj Platform is formally available to you! What does this mean? It means you now have access to all of the tools and functionalities booj has to offer to help power your business.  If you haven’t already, be sure to login to booj via MAX/Center and read through the Day 1 Guide to get set up.

Important: You must set up your booj account to receive leads.

After today, leads will no longer be routed through Leadstreet. In order to continue receiving leads from you must set up your booj account. To do so, simply click the button above or log into MAX/Center and click on the booj Tile to configure your account.

What is different now that booj is live?

The booj platform and your account setup will not change; however, new functionalities are now available. Most notably:

  • Leads will begin to route through the booj CRM and no longer Leadstreet
  • Websites can now be published. This will not happen automatically, you must login and follow the publishing steps for your site to be live.
  • Consumables (ie. Text Messaging) will now be available for use

To stay up to date on all of the features and functionalities available on booj, access and bookmark the Tech News Tile of MAX/Center.  You will also receive RE/MAX Headquarters RE/CHARGE Technology Updates, which will inform you of the continuous advancements being made to the platform.

Brand yourself with booj.

Download all booj marketing materials on In the Marketing Portal either search “booj” or click on Logos in the top navigation. Here you will find all booj assets – including logos, print & traditional and social files.

Webinar Recordings Now Available.

If you missed the set up webinars with RE/MAX INTEGRA, Learning and Development specialists, you can now view the recordings by clicking the links below.

The RE/MAX University Technology Engagement Team has also created training resources that are available through RE/MAX University during rollout, including webinars, videos and learning tracks. You can also access all guides within booj by navigating to the Resource Center via the ? in the bottom right corner of the screen (as seen below) > Getting Started.

The future is bright.

This is an exciting time for our RE/MAX INTEGRA, US regions and I encourage you all to explore the many features and functionalities booj has to offer to help you better your business. This technology ecosystem is continuously evolving based on your user experience. This means in the coming year we can expect the tool to become more enhanced to serve your needs as RE/MAX Agents.

Should you have any questions while you navigate the booj transition, don’t hesitate to explore the resources our RE/MAX INTEGRA Support Team has put together or speak to someone at

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