Coming Soon! RE/MAX Design Center Automation

Coming Soon! (3)

Delivering relevant marketing content, at the right time, for your listings.

Beginning on March 28th, Design Center Automation will be available to you as a simple, effective way to use multiple, automatically customized marketing materials to promote the key events during the life of your listings. You’ll receive one marketing package, for each listing, with customized materials you can put to use immediately. Saving you time and money on the promotion of your listing!

The best part? This service will be available at no additional cost to RE/MAX Affiliates!

Key Features & Benefits For Brokers:

  • Turnkey marketing service for your agents to focus on their business
  • Cost reduction
  • Differentiator for recruiting/retention
  • Value-add for your agents

Key Features & Benefits For Agents:

  • Integrated marketing
  • Auto-customized marketing material delivered directly to you
  • Cost reduction
  • Time savings and referrals
  • Repeat business and increased leads

Here’s a sneak peak of what the listings will look like!

Design Center Automation can be accessed through MAX/Center on the Design Center tile. Once on Design Center, a user can access, manage, update their listing details, and generate their materials in another design on the Listings tab.


Be sure to keep an eye out for the launching of Design Center Automation on March 28th!



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