Broker Agent Attraction Program

What can you learn from a RE/MAX Broker who took a struggling company of 8 agents to 100? A LOT! David Wiesemann will be hosting a 6-month agent attraction program exclusive to RE/MAX INTEGRA Broker/Owners, Managers and Recruiters.

This program has been designed specifically for you, a RE/MAX franchise owner. David is not a professional coach – he is an active RE/MAX Broker/Owner who knows the importance of attracting experienced agents in not just building your business in the short term, but creating a sustainable model for the long term. He not only will teach you his tips – hint, one of them is picking up the phone – but is someone who uses the tools and resources provided within the RE/MAX brand and will show you how to use these effectively in his sessions.

Recruiting Program Overview

  • Monthly Zoom meetings for 1 hour hosted by David Wiesemann for the full group and their respective Regional Business Coach
    • Should you swipe right or left? Finding talent, engaging, and “dating”
    • Why date younger? Newer agent vs. experienced vs. top producer
    • KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid! Have a plan and a process
    • How do you keep the chemistry going? Recruiting is not a one night stand
    • Popping the question? When and how?
    • What size ring? The compensation conversation
    • Happily Ever After – Shutting the Back Door!
  • Regional Business Coaches will be given “homework” to complete with their respective participants and will conduct small group (max of 4) coaching calls once per month in between the full group Zoom sessions.  This is all about accountability and tracking.

Note: Each meeting will be recorded for future use in training and each session is an independent module.

Investment: $299 USD | Sign Up Deadline: October 31st, 2019

*NOTE: This program is for RE/MAX INTEGRA Broker/Owners & Managers.