Google Plus Hangouts – Tutorial and Best Practices (VIDEO)

During our last Prime Time RE/MAX, Dan Bertelson (RE/MAX Preferred, Broker/Owner) mentioned that I had a video tutorial that he watched to help him prep for our Google+ Hangout (the technology behind Prime Time RE/MAX).

If you are interested in implementing this technology for your team, office, or brokerage, feel free to share the video with your colleagues. To keep this video short, I did not include how to set up a Google+ account, just how to create a Google+ Hangout on Air. In addition to walking you through the interface, I also covered some best practices as far as lighting, video quality, and audio.

And don’t forget, we have another Prime Time RE/MAX on Thursday at 8pm CDT covering The Future of Real Estate Search.


  1. You will need to have an active YouTube account to create a Hangout on Air as when you initiate “Start Broadcast” (which allows you to embed the broadcast on your website rather than having all of the participants in Google+) Google will start recording your session for you and will post it to YouTube after you end the broadcast.
  2. You can optionally use Google Hangouts for a video call without using the On Air standard if your audience is smaller and you don’t need website integration or YouTube capture.


Start a Google+ Hangout On Air
Lower Third (Hangout Toolbox) Details
Lower Third Install
Suggested Webcam

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