Gardening and its Benefits - Infographic

The Benefits of Gardening

Ahh, spring, when a renter’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of home ownership!

Some green is already peeking through after this week’s snow which means your days are about to get longer, right? Now is the perfect time to capture the attention of clients who are looking to move before winter returns again. I’ve got just the thing – an infographic!

This infographic (click on it to go to the full version) talks about the benefits of gardening, specifically detailing statistics on what the benefits are to your real estate value and how it improves your appraisal value. Of course it goes beyond that to talk about health statistics (another seasonal concern as people are looking for ways to get moving again and work off their winter weight), benefits to the environment (you can still tap into the Earth Day zeitgeist), and of course how it will affect their bottom line.