Having just celebrated her ten-year anniversary with RE/MAX, Susan Thibeault of RE/MAX Property Promotions (Westminster, MA) would be the first one to tell you that she has not always utilized all the tools LeadStreet provides. However, after participating in a few LeadStreet-related webinars over the past 9 months, she realized that there was incredible opportunity in the leads she was receiving. To her, it was following up with a LeadStreet lead – not once…not twice…but consistently over time – that was absolutely crucial.

What’s her secret sauce to success?

  • Simply responding to a lead isn’t enough; you need to follow up with them as soon as possible after receiving the lead (preferably within 20-30 minutes, and by phone whenever possible)
  •  Try to identify how serious they are in their process
  • Setting up the contact in drip campaigns with appropriate (and agent-customized) content
    • Are they pre-approved?
    • Are they responding to you?
    • Remember: even if they don’t respond, they may just not be ready
    • Once a month at the very least
  • Topics include:
    • Why now is the time to buy
    • Economic updates
    • Community information
    • Homeowner information
  • The more useful the content, the better – even if they don’t respond!