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Tech Savvy Agent recently talked about a new beta resource, Google Helpouts.   This program is a brand new service for Google in which you can ask real time questions to a proven professional in the field.  So, if you have a niche within real estate that you’ve been carving out for yourself, this could be your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and land some new leads.


So you heard the iPad was the world’s best tablet device.  You purchased it, uploaded a number of apps to it, but now you’re wondering:  What else can I do with it?  How do I change that feature? How do I get this to work?  Etc, etc, etc.  Here, TechRadar highlights 50 useful iPad tips and tricks.


If you want to increase your online audience and have heard that blogging is one way to do it.  Read this Lifehack article and collect 25 blogging tips for the newcomer.