ALEXA_KebaloBy Alexa Kebalo

The key to success in 2014 is built on the foundation of a strong and well thought out business plan. It is well worth the time to reflect on 2013 and recharge for 2014. Here are few tips to help you Rise Above the Crowd® this year.

Reflect on your 2013. Reflecting on what worked in 2013 and what is in need of improvement can open your eyes to what needs your attention this year. This can help you fine tune the skills you need to master in 2014 to bring you to meet and excel beyond your goals. Similarly, understanding where your closed business came from in the past year is very powerful. Were they past clients, from facebook, RE/MAX Leadstreet leads, referrals from networking groups, sign calls etc. This can help you focus which business source should have the majority of your attention moving forward in 2014 to raise you to your next level of success.

Tracking your numbers. We’ve all heard the awesome quote by Thomas S. Monson that says, “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” This quote drives Tom Ferry’s Thriving Daily app that is currently available for free for iPhone and iPad in the app store. This tool gives you an activity plan based on your: annual income goal, year to date income earned, average sales price, average buyer to seller ratio, work days per week, and vacation days per year. Your information will generate daily, weekly, monthly and annual actions for you to keep on track to achieving your 2014 goals! Not to mention this app is conveniently located on the one device that is attached to your hip and very user friendly.

Don’t forget about social media! Having a written Social Media Strategy is an imperative component of your 2014 business plan. Putting thought into what your favorite social media outlets are and how you plan to use them will keep this business source flowing this upcoming year. Coming up with repeating actions that you will implement will place you consistently in front of your consumers on the forms of media they are most comfortable with to build the relationships that turn to business.  Start by assessing which social medias you like most and focus on those few instead of spreading yourself too thin. Next, list specific daily, weekly and monthly actions and commit yourself to the plan. Some great tips can be learned from Katie Lance on this very topic.

Come up with a 2014 Vision Statement. Your business plan should be driven by what you vision for 2014. This vision should cover the most important driving force behind all of your hard work. Why do you want to reach your income goal for this year? What will this mean for you and your loved ones? If you don’t have a strong “why” then your business plan is nothing more than ink and paper. Write down 10 reasons why you want to achieve your 2014 goal and keep these 10 reasons along with your Vision Statement as a constant reminder when you are feeling distracted or unmotivated. Reminding ourselves of why we work so hard can keep us focused and on path to reach our goals year over year and give us great success in 2014!