Facebook_iconSpecial thanks to our eBusiness Trainer, 
Michelle Hoyt, for contributing this blog post!

One of the most common questions I get in training classes from agents is, “How often should I post on my Facebook business page?” This is a valid question and one that deserves an applicable answer. While there are many Social Media experts out there offering advice on this topic, we have to break it down to the specifics of real estate.

The newsfeed on Facebook is everyone’s personal channel to stay involved in other’s lives – sometimes more than we care to, right? Think about what shows on your feed each day you go there. If you are friends with 200 people, it is impossible to see posts and updates from all 200 of them. In fact, you usually only see the most active ones, so the likelihood of your posts showing up in all 200 friends/fans feeds is low. So, how do you get the highest amount of views with the least amount of effort? Good question.

Inman News recently posted an impactful article on tips for posting frequency and how to drive engagement with those that are seeing your posts. It is recommended to post multiple times a day in order to appear in the feed of as many as possible. Not everyone is on Facebook at the same time of day and you are missing out if you only post once a day. Take a look at these great tips from Christina Ethridge, founder of LeadsAndLeverage.com, who specializes in helping real estate agents capture, close, and convert Facebook leads.

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