PRJust yesterday I sent out an email, “RE/MAX is Looking for Summer Housing Stories – What’s Yours?”

I have already received a number of great emails back (thank you to those who responded!) and am looking forward to connecting with many of you to explore some media possibilities.

In reviewing the emails, I realized it might be a good time to offer some PR insights in case you’re not familiar with the practice or how it relates to you. This is an excerpt from a blog post I wrote earlier this year:

The practice of PR is to positively promote a brand to the general public.  This might sound like advertising but I can assure you, they’re different.  Advertising allows you to pick your publication, date, time, and message that readers see.  You also pay to have this done.  Public relations uses press releases and news pitches to share newsworthy information with editors and reporters at local media outlets.  If they’re interested, the story is printed as a news article in the newspaper, magazine, online publication, etc.  The reason we practice PR is because the information is viewed by consumers as more credible, valuable, and newsworthy, because the message is coming from an outside news source, and not a paid advertiser.

At RE/MAX North Central, we’re constantly working to promote you, RE/MAX associates, as the local area experts in real estate.  Through monthly housing reports, topical news stories, and human interest stories, we’re consistently making connections with local media outlets and offering you as sources for interviews.

The reason this is important to you and your clients is the more RE/MAX, and RE/MAX associates’ names, appear in print and online news articles, the more consumers will view the entire RE/MAX brand and its associates, as credible agents and local real estate experts.

I hope this helps shed some light on the practice of PR!

In the meantime…should you have any questions about public relations, the initiatives we’re working on at the regional office, or if a story you have is PR-worthy, I’m happy to chat with you!  Email me at