YouTubeBIGVideo marketing. What is it? Do I need to be doing it? How do I get started? Those are some of the common questions I get in training classes. While it might be a foreign concept to some of you, the agents that are doing it consistently are benefiting from it in many ways.

Watch any news program and often the top stories feature “viral” videos that are creating a buzz or generating conversation. Video apps like Vine have become a global phenomenon, offering powerful and often impactful messaging in just 6 seconds. In a world where status and being memorable involves “number of views,” specifically on YouTube, you have to get in the game. YOU MUST HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL for a sustainable future in real estate. YouTube is a powerhouse platform, rivaled by none. In case you didn’t know, Google owns it. What does that mean to you?

Google search results blatantly favor YouTube videos. If someone “Googles” your name, you can bet that your social media profiles, your website, and yes, videos you have posted on YouTube with your name attached will appear quite high on the page. That is the power of Google and its subsidiaries, plain and simple.

Still intrigued? To forge into video marketing, you have to become a brand champion for both yourself and RE/MAX, not in the traditional sense, but now as a video and TV persona. Yes, that’s right; you must become a media personality. Once you get past the initial awkwardness and gain more confidence on camera, it will and should become an integral part of your self-promotion and branding campaigns.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently posted an article by contributor Deborah Mitchell, CEO & Founder, Deborah Mitchell Associates, in which she provides some insightful and simple-to-follow tips, “4 Tips to Being Your Brand’s Champion on TV and YouTube.”

To summarize:

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Be Innovative
  3. Time Matters
  4. Dress to Impress

This article does lean towards doing TV segments but actually has practical application tips that work for you doing your own videos.

You can do it! Step out of your comfort zone and start embracing Video Marketing. You just might be the next viral sensation. Best of luck and we look forward to seeing you on YouTube!