Be sure to tune in to 620 WTMJ radio July 21-23 as RE/MAX takes over coverage of the Brewers/Cincinnati series. REMAX-BrewersRadio-Medium (1)

Listen as 620 WTMJ salutes RE/MAX as the local sponsor of the series with pre-recorded and live announcements occurring before, during and post-game. Pre-game, listen for messaging that calls out RE/MAX such as “The Brewers take on Cincinnati tonight at 7:10, brought to you by RE/MAX on the Home of the Brewers 620 WTMJ!” Once the game begins, RE/MAX continues to shine with repeated 10-second commercials with our message of choice.

This is the second of two series “take-overs” with WTMJ. The first was during the Brewers/Twins series in June. Listen to a sample radio spot from the Brewers/Twins:

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Brewers Radio Network Logo (Med):
Brewers Radio Network Logo (Small):

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds
Monday, July 21st – 7:10pm
Tuesday, July 22nd – 7:10pm
Wednesday, July 23rd – 1:10pm