FootballBeing a RE/MAX agent, I know I don’t have to tell you how important it is to align with a strong brand.  But, you still need to market that brand.  In the article 5 Examples of Branding Brilliance from the NFL, it is explained how marketing the brand is the true winner of the NFL.  And while we can’t all duplicate their efforts (due to lack of money or size) I think the five points are worth reading as there are some quality take-aways you could tweak and put into play for your own business marketing.  One that I’d like to call out is number four.  Here’s how it reads:

4. Tight brand control
The NFL is known for their strict guidelines when it comes to the use of their brand, and are very selective when it comes to who they qualify to be a licensed vendor. While it may seem extreme to some, this policing of their brand name is important to keeping its integrity.

This acts as a good reminder for you and your personal marketing campaigns.  Not only do you need to write it right (RE/MAX is all caps with a slash) but you need to use the right RE/MAX logos.

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