calendar_flipMy lovely and talented co-worker, Shannon Hicks (the same rock star that plans and executes our major events and trainings for you) has a theory.  It’s call the “Calendar Flip Mentality.”  After years of working in the event planning business, she has determined that one can promote an event, but not until the ‘calendar flips’ to the month of the event, will people really start registering.  Well….if this theory is correct, many of you will be registering for RE/MAX RE/CHARGE next week!  That’s right!  Today is September 24th and NEXT WEEK will be OCTOBER!  RE/MAX RE/CHARGE in Wisconsin is just two weeks away.  If you plan on attending, either in Wisconsin or Minnesota, just forget about waiting until the calendar flips and register right now for one of these amazing events!  You can find full details about the days’ events, our keynote speakers, our many breakouts, and much more (as well as REGISTER) right here.