Nicole Brown
RE/MAX Unlimited
Brookline, MA
RE/MAX Unlimited is pleased to announce that Nicole Brown has joined its growing Brookline, MA office!Nicole became interested in real estate while watching her friends, family and patients go through the exciting and sometimes challenging process of renting, buying or selling their homes. Nicole wanted to learn as much as she could to help others navigate through this process, and soon became a licensed Realtor.As a Brookline resident, Nicole Brown comes from a background of helping people live their optimal lives. As the owner of an Acupuncture and Holistic Health practice, Nicole has a passion for helping people attain their ideal health, and to reach their unique goals.

Nicole received her B.A. from Boston University and her M.A. from the New England School of Acupuncture. She has worked in the field of Psychology and Holistic Health for the last decade.

On Joining RE/MAX
“I interviewed a number of brands and offices because I believe it makes a big difference who you affiliate with,” Said Nicole. “The choice to join RE/MAX was made quickly after meeting the team of great individuals who work there. It is clear that RE/MAX Unlimited stands for ethical and supportive team work with a genuine dedication to helping each agent and client meet their individual goals”.
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