RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest is proud to announce Minnesota and Wisconsin agents, owners, and staff have raised $282,268 as of December 15, 2014 for our four member hospitals! We would like to thank you for your contributions to the Children’s Miracle Network. We are honored to work with such generous and compassionate owners, agents and office staff members.

For those giving at the $25 per transaction level, the Client Honor Card is a wonderful way to notify your clients of your contribution after the closing.  If you have made eligible contributions on behalf of your closings in 2014, and have not requested Client Honor Cards, the holidays are the perfect time to have them sent!

» Request Client Honor Cards Online

» MN/WI Honor Card instructions

*Please note the Miracle System is best utilized in Internet Explorer.

When requested, CMN Honor Cards are sent to your clients within 5 business days of the request. Your responsibility is to see that your Client Honor Cards are being requested. Cards must be requested online by you, or a staff person in your office, through the Miracle System. Check with your Office Administrator if you are not certain of the Honor Card request process in your office or need a list of your client closings.

If you are interested in making a year-end gift to your Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, you may do so through the Miracle System with a credit or debit card. Gifts made by December 31, 2014 will count towards our personal and office total for the year.

» Make a Year-end Gift

*Please note the Miracle System is best utilized in Internet Explorer.

  1. Select “Contribution from an individual associate”.
  2. To auto-populate the RE/MAX International ID code and office code fields, click the search tool, and search via your first and last name. Be sure to use your name as it is documented by your RE/MAX office (example: Robert vs. Bob).
  3. When your name comes up, click select. Your personal and office ID will populate. Click Next.
  4. The next screen you will select “Miracle Home Donation” by credit card.
  5. The payment screen will then come up to make your donation.

An individual RE/MAX agent who donates $500 or more in a calendar year obtains the status of “Miracle Agent” (funds must be recorded through the Miracle System). The gross donation may be a result of a donation for each transaction, a special event or a total of various donations throughout the year. As a Miracle Agent you have access to co-branded campaign materials and will receive an invitation to the CMN Breakfast at the RE/MAX R4 Convention in Las Vegas. To determine if you are a Miracle Agent, please check with your Office Administrator. They can provide you with an up-to-date donation report.

Through the Miracle Home Program, you support your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital by making a donation with every real estate transaction. Miracle Home Associates are encouraged to spread the word about Children’s Miracle Network and your involvement on, through the use of customizable Design Center brochures, on yard signs with CMN sign riders, and on personal promotion through the use of co-branded logos. Those giving at the $25 per transaction level (or higher) can honor their clients by requesting a card be sent after the closing via the Honor Card Program sponsored by CMN and your local hospital.

Join your RE/MAX colleagues today, and make a difference in the lives of children in your community! Sign up online, or download the program packet and submit the completed pledge form to your RE/MAX Office administrator.

» Sign Up for the Miracle Home Program Online or Make a Pledge

» Download Miracle Home Info Packet

Michele Roy