Welcome to RE/MAX RISE, your one stop shop for all things related to RE/MAX Training. RISE, standing for RE/MAX INTEGRA Skills and Training, is an interactive and easy to use platform designed exclusively for you as a RE/MAX Agent. See below to learn more about RISE and for answers to your common questions.

What is RISE?

RISE is an online platform designed exclusively for RE/MAX Agents as a tool to answer any and all questions related to the various training topics including the RE/MAX Toolbox, Design Center, social media, apps, and so much more!

What Are My Login Credentials?

The login process requires you to know your Mainstreet login information. If you don’t know your login credentials, simply email!

How Do I Login from My Mobile Device?

1. Visit on your mobile device
2. Scroll down to login via MainStreet
3. Enter your MainStreet login credentials
4. Click “take me to the website” to go directly to RISE. Look below for instructions on how to get the app.

How Do I Download the RISE App?

1. Download the “My Bloomfire” app from iTunes or Google Play
2. Launch the app
3. Click on “Sign-In with SSO”
4. Enter “remaxintegra-us” as community name
5. You will be directed to
6. Scroll down to login via Mainstreet
7. Enter your MainStreet login credentials

RISE Login

How Do I Use RISE?

One of the best parts about RISE is the user-friendly layout, and the easy to use search feature. No matter what you are searching for, all you have to do is start typing the topic in the search menu located at the top of your page. From there, all of the related topics will appear in a drop-down menu below. You can choose to click on an individual post, or an entire series on that specific topic to navigate through all of the posts.

Help! I can’t Find What I’m Looking For!

If you’ve looked through all of the posts and still have a question, or, you have a specific question about a post, all you have to do is ask! Simply scroll to the bottom of the page, and start typing your question into the space provided. Once you have added your comment, the trainer will receive a notification and will promptly answer your question.

I am a Broker/Owner, is there relevant content for me?

When you’re in RISE, you will notice a menu bar running down the left side of the page. You can click through the options available to filter your content based on topic, or by whether you are a Broker/Owner or sales associate.

Now that the busy holiday season is behind us, take some time to reflect on the ups and downs you experienced in your business throughout 2014. This will not only help you develop a strong business plan for the coming year, but will help you set goals you would like to accomplish throughout the coming year. We encourage you to do some exploring through RISE which we guarantee will help you kick your year off on a high note. This new, innovative, and informative tool will provide you with the most current and up to date information you need, and is available at your fingertips with the simple touch of a button.

Head to RISE now to start exploring and remember to contact your RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Specialist if you have any questions!