Productivity on Button of White Keyboard.From RE/MAX Mainstreet:

Make these commitments to yourself and your business in 2015 and set yourself up for success.

1. Update your RE/MAX profile. This is critical! Make sure users and your colleagues sending referrals through RE/MAX Mainstreet are seeing your most current information. You can update both profiles in one spot on Mainstreet. Click the “Your Account” link that appears at the very top of any Mainstreet page, and then click “Profile.”

2. Update your business plan. If you don’t already have a business plan, make it a top priority. If you do have one, schedule now the dates and times when you’ll review and update it throughout the year.

3. Plan your day, every day. Be sure from day to day you know exactly what you’re going to do the moment your workday starts. Having a set daily schedule keeps you from wasting time on unproductive activities.

4. Revisit your website. Is it in need of an overhaul or maybe just some updates? Make sure content is current, including your contact information. Click through every link on the site (or better yet, delegate this to someone) to make sure visitors aren’t encountering any dead links or obsolete information. If you have a contact form, test it to make sure it’s still working as it should be.

5. Restock your promotional materials. Make sure you have plenty of business cards, yard signs, sign riders and any other personalized and branded items you use regularly. Visit Shop RE/MAX at to browse Approved Suppliers who offer trademark-compliant products.

6. Follow a new source of real estate news. Real estate headlines change rapidly and frequently – just like the real estate industry itself. Staying on top of the latest news can help you get ahead of trends and be a resource for your clients. The RE/MAX Update email you receive Wednesdays is a great start.

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