Scannable is brand new app made by the people at Evernote, but you don’t need Evernote for this app to be of value to you. With this app, you can scan any document easily into PDF format and then quickly send them to whoever needs them. NOTE: If you scan just one page it makes it a .jpg file but if you scan multiple pages it becomes a PDF file. Scannable also allows you to scan business cards which will then create a contact in your phone. It will even pull information off LinkedIn! *Note that for this function you do need to have an Evernote account



CoEverywhere is a very interesting app that is still in the early stages. It is a social media monitoring tool that allows you to draw on a map to monitor all public social media posts from that area. It allows you to easily see everyone who is active on social media in your area. Based on this knowledge you will know who to engage with because you know who either lives or works in your target market. This will greatly simplify a lot of your work on social media when trying to engage new people every day.


DatewheelDate Wheel Date Calculator

This app is very simple yet it can very convenient for people. Date Wheel quickly and automatically tells you how many days are between certain dates. This is obviously more useful when it’s a longer time period but you can use it for as short a period as you like.

There you have it, our three favorite apps of the month! Check them out and let us know about your favorite apps!