Ahhh, March.  The month that, for some, is synonymous with “cabin fever.”  The days are getting longer and with all that sunshine there’s an impulse to get outside, but…. it’s still too cold to do anything fun.  So what do you do?  Take a vacation!  Get out and explore, go rest on some sandy beaches.  What’s that you say?  You can’t because you’re a Realtor.  Hog wash!  You just have to tell yourself it’s okay to go.  So, here are a few great reasons why you should take a vacation this month, and some suggestions on how to keep your business running so you don’t have to:

According to Entrepreneur.com, “vacations are important. Done right, they can lead to fresh perspectives, creative insights and reduced stress levels.”

When you step away from your everyday life and see new scenery, meet new people, you are opening yourself up to new ways of thinking.  Whether you see a unique marketing technique to try out, meet someone who has a friendly, memorable approach, or just allow your brain to disengage for a while, when you return to work it will be with a fresh mind full of new ideas and energy that you can implement into your business.

Now that you’ve decided it is in fact a good idea to get away for a while, here are some suggestions on how to keep your business moving forward while you’re taking it easy:

BiggerPockets.com suggests you plan ahead and stay focused.  If you know that you want to take a family vacation in June, figure out what you need to do between now and then and stay focused.  Don’t get sidetracked by the newest social media site, don’t procrastinate by playing with your newest piece of technology, and don’t try to multitask through too many to-dos.  Find your path and stick to it.

TheReadyAgent.com suggests you be up front with your clients and future clients.  If you have a vacation scheduled it doesn’t mean you can’t welcome a new client aboard.  Tell new clients right away that you’d love to work with them but that come June you have a family vacation planned.  Tell current clients you’ll be gone as soon as you plan your trip.  And definitely let them know that you’ll be leaving them in capable hands during your time away.  More than likely they will understand and appreciate your honesty.

MarketLeader.com suggests leaning on colleagues for help.  If you are part of a team, ask a fellow team member to help while you’re gone and offer to do the same for them if they need a vacation.  If you work on your own and prefer to keep it that way, consider borrowing someone.  Ask a fellow colleague if they’d be willing to work with your clients while you’re gone.  You can figure out ahead of time a commission split or a flat fee you’ll pay them.  But this way you’ll know your clients are in capable hands and you can truly rest easy while away.

Now that you know why it’s so important to take a vacation, and know there are ways to ensure your business will run smoothly while you’re gone, there’s only one more question to ask yourself:  Where should I go for vacation?