Couple of beach chairs on sea coast.While being dedicated to the success of your business is admirable, everyone deserves a break throughout the year. We are heading into the busiest season in real estate, so why not take some time to relax and refresh so you can head into the busy spring season at the top of your game? Whether it’s a vacation to an exotic destination, or the staycation you’ve been dreaming about, these tips will help you take a step back to ensure your business is in good hands while you’re away.

Plan Ahead: When you run your own business, spontaneous decisions are not beneficial to your business. Plan a time that you would like to take off, and spend the weeks leading up to that date preparing. Inform your clients that you will not be reachable so you can ensure they are in good hands while you’re away, and spend time making sure all loose ends are tied up before you leave.

Put Someone in Charge: Make sure your business continues to operate smoothly by appointing someone as your replacement for a week. At the very minimum, appoint someone as the contact person your clients can contact should they run into any issues in your absence. When choosing this person, make sure they are confident, informed, and responsible enough to make decisions you would approve of.

Tie Up Loose Ends: In the weeks leading up to your holiday, take a good look at your to-do list and make sure that all urgent issues are dealt with first, followed by the ones that have been lingering on your list. Make a list of any bills you have due, and ensure they are paid before walking out the door. The more details you tend to, the more relaxed you will be.

Last but not least, remember to relax! This will not only help you come back relaxed and rested, but it will help you be more efficient and productive heading into the Spring. You may be convinced that your business is going to fall apart in your absence, but if you follow the relatively easy steps above, you will be able to confidently head out the door on your last day to enjoy 7 days of worry free holiday time knowing your business is covered and in good hands.