We’ve all heard that 2015 is the year of video, which is why this month’s in-depth look at an App is YouTube Capture. It is made by Google but currently only available for Apple Devices. YouTube Capture is an amazing tool for creating, editing, and uploading simple videos to YouTube. Within the app, you are able to shoot multiple videos, edit the length, piece them together with other clips, add music, and then upload to YouTube with the proper SEO.


If you are wondering how to do this, look no further! Let’s take a look.

Getting Started: Never shoot videos from your phone or tablet in portrait mode. Always landscape. YouTube Capture will remind you of this because it does not look good on YouTube so they do not want videos shot in portrait mode uploaded.

When you start shooting, the app works much the same way as your built in camera does. You just hit tap on the big red button and it starts recording. When you are done, tap it again and it stops. You can use either the front or rear camera on your phone or tablet to record the video. While they do have stabilization software built in, it is still important to try and keep the camera as steady as possible because it can only do so much without ruining the quality of the video.

Editing your Video: Once you have shot the video you can begin the process of editing the clip. You’ll be able to see at the bottom that they have white sliders. By adjusting those you can eliminate the beginning or the end of a specific clip. Doing simple edits within the tool is easier than ever and when you are done, click on the “+” in the bottom right. Now you are able to choose whether or not to record a new clip to add to that one or to choose a clip that already exists within your device and adding it to the video you just edited. You can repeat this process as needed to get the desired video. The first few times you do it may be a little more time consuming but the more you do it the better you’ll get at it.

Adding Music to your Video: When you are done you can now select “Add Music”. It will give you two options, either you can select music from your device or add in YouTube soundtracks. It’s important to keep in mind if you are using music from your device to be mindful of copyright laws as you do not want to post a song that you can face legal repercussions for using because you do not have rights to it. It’s safer to use the YouTube soundtracks in your video.

Uploading your Video: Once that is complete, you will now enter the upload process, which is actually quite simple!  For starters, you want to give it a very descriptive title. Do not just call it “My New Listing” or something along those lines. You need to think about how it will be found on Google. So if it’s a new listing video you can consider putting up “123 Mainstreet, Boston Home for Sale” instead of “My New Listing”.

Add a Description: The same goes for when you are adding in the description of the video when you click on the three dots on the right side of the screen. You need to consider how consumers would enter terms in search to end up at your video. Use those keywords to put them in the description. As well, you should include a link to your website in the description so that people are easily able to quickly check you out more.

Sharing your Video: When you do go to share it you also want to keep in mind how you are sharing it. You have three basic options:

  1. Public: This means that anyone can see it and it becomes completely searchable by anyone through Google or YouTube. This is what the majority of videos should be.
  2. Unlisted: This means that they have to have the link (URL) to be able to view the video. If you share the link to someone specifically they could pass the link on for others to view but without the direct link it cannot be found. This setting is better if you are doing personalized videos for people and you only want them to see it.
  3. Private: Only you and the YouTube gods will know of its existence. Very rarely will you use this but its good for videos that you want to remove from being seen (such as virtual tours of homes that sold) but you don’t want it completely deleted.

From the app you can also share the video directly to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter as well.

YouTube Capture is a great app for video and very user friendly. The more you use it the easier it will become and you will find that you can put together a very quick video in under 10 minutes with minimal effort. So next time you have a quiet open house, get out YouTube Capture and make a quick video and send it to your sphere.