We’ve all heard it. Whether you’re at an industry event, browsing Twitter, or surfing the web, in order to be successful in this business you need to embrace change. It could be the latest technology trend, a new networking strategy to try, or a newly released gadget, but either way, if you don’t do it you’re going to fall behind.

While this may be true and we fully support embracing change, in this industry, we know that any good home is built on a solid foundation. Why should your business be any different? Trying the latest tools and technology is one way to set yourself apart from the competition, but if you don’t have the basic fundamentals, technology will mean nothing. Below, we show you how to get back to the basics to build a solid foundation for your business.

Leverage the Brand: One of the many benefits of being with RE/MAX is that you get to run your business your way, while having one of the most recognizable brands in the world standing behind you. With industry leading tools and technology, coupled with the support and training you need to run a successful business, leveraging the brand is imperative to your success. The Trademarks and Standards Manual, published by RE/MAX International, explains the proper use of the RE/MAX name and trademarks so you know how to correctly leverage the brand in your business.

Logos and Trademarks: Getting your name out there through marketing and advertising is the best way to build and grow a successful business. Make sure you are using the correct logos and trademarks by finding everything you need in the RE/MAX Logos section of Mainstreet.

Advertising: RE/MAX Advertising provides instant recognition and credibility to everything you do. When is the last time you stopped by Mainstreet or AboveIndiana to check it out? Find national and regional campaigns and their respective resources to piggy-back on top of your personal advertising.

Content is Key: Finding valuable, informative content to share can be a constant struggle, but luckily, we’ve got you covered. Check out AboveIndiana for Marketing Resources that will help you create valuable content on social media, and how to add more fans with a guide to help you boost your Facebook Page Likes. And don’t forget to check your AboveIndiana email for the most current marketing resources – delivered to your fingertips!

Branded Collateral: RE/MAX Offers a wide range of printed and promotional materials for borrow or purchase to help you promote yourself and RE/MAX. Anything from pins, stickers, and flags to booths and backdrops will help you with all your branding needs at your next event. Visit the Online Shopping Cart to learn more!

Now that you have the tools you need to start building a solid foundation for your business, the only thing left to do is get started! Don’t forget to check out the newly launched RE/MAX Launchpad to easily access tools like Design Center and other industry leading tools, and stop by RE/MAX RISE to learn how to correctly leverage them in your business.