RE/MAX INTEGRA, Midwest has merged and and proudly invites you to discover the newly transformed!

Our goal with this project was to combine two online resources into one platform and offer a uniformed look, along with functionality, that allow you, our RE/MAX agents, to easily access the necessary tools and resources to grow your real estate business. But it’s not just the merging of content that makes this remodel unique. As you explore the new you will immediately see the difference. The redesign offers a very visual and mobile responsive look as well as more clearly defined categories to help you locate the information you need and want!

Visual Response

As you make your way over to the home page, you’ll see:

  • Rotating Carousel – These eye-catching images will immediately alert you to the most important information coming out of the regional office.
  • Featured Posts – This images offer you an at-a-glance look at upcoming events, newly updated marketing resources, industry reports, and much more!
  • Latest Posts – Here you’ll find a complete list of all our posts in the order they were shared.

Defined Categories

All posts now fall into clearly defined categories. From the main page you can access tabs directing you to resources, events, reports, community, and contact information.   Beyond that, each tab is broken down into subcategories. As you peruse each tab you’ll find that the newest post for that specific category appears on that page. So finding the content you need from the homepage or tab is quick.

4 Ways to Start Exploring

Now that you know more about the changes that have taken place, it’s time to explore the content. There are four main ways to search for content not readily viewable in the main stream:

Search Box

In the far top right corner and to the right of the “latest posts” section you will find search boxes. Simply use a keyword for the content you are looking for and a list will appear on the home page.

Search by Category

Once again, on the right hand side of the main page you’ll see a list of categories and subcategories. You can select one option from this list at a time and posts defined to the category of choice will appear.

Search by Month

On the right side of the home page there is an archives box with a drop down menu featuring a month and year. If you are looking for content, such as Top Agent Reports, for a specific month, you can select your preference here.

Important Links

Over the years we’ve noticed there are a few blog posts that are regularly sought after. We’ve highlighted a few of the main ones here. Feel free to bookmark these or locate them from the homepage by using the paths outlined here:

Top Agent Reports: Resources > Marketing > Top Agent Reports

Events Calendar: Events > Events Calendar

RE/MAX Logos: Resources > Logos & Graphics > Download Logos

Facebook Headers: Resources > Social Media

Midwest Growth: Community > Midwest Growth

As you peruse the new layout you’ll find that it might look different, but the overall core value remains the same: relevant and timely real estate resources and RE/MAX information for you, our RE/MAX associates in Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We hope you enjoy the renovations!