RE/MAX INTEGRA Live is a regular web-show that features a panel of Top Producing Agents discussing the news, topics, and tools that are relevant to you and your business.

RE/MAX INTEGRA Live: Going Paperless was Hosted By:

 andrew  dan levine
Andrew Fogliato
RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Specialist
Ontario-Atlantic Region

Dan Levine
RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Specialist
New England Region

RE/MAX INTEGRA Live: Going Paperless Guests

 Tom Wothke  Donna MacAuley

Tom Wothke
RE/MAX Ability Plus
Zionsville, Indiana

Donna MacAuley
RE/MAX Absolute Realty Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario

Here are the Top Takeaways from April’s episode of RE/MAX INTEGRA Live. After you read the takeaways you can watch the episode itself which is included at the bottom of this post. Don’t forget to tune in to our future episodes too, there is a lot of great content coming!

It Doesn’t Matter What Device you Choose
There exists an endless debate about which device you should use, Apple, Android, or even Blackberry. For the most part, that debate has been narrowed to Apple versus Android. One of the top takeaways from the episode was that the only thing that matters is that you are comfortable using the device. While some were die hard Apple and others Samsung, ultimately you just need to find the right tools that suit your business and work on the device you choose. Apple has by far the most options available but Androids are more customizable and may require you to be a little more “techy”.

You Have to Fully Commit 
If you just half commit to going going digital with your business, you are not going to experience the true benefits of going paperless. Simply dipping your toes in its not what you need to do. You have to fully commit and dive right into going paperless. Take a look at your business and think of every way that you are using paper no matter what the task is. I guarantee there is a way to do it without paper. In some areas, legislation may not be ready for going completely paperless (Looking at you, Ontario!) but the technology is ready and waiting. In areas where people are allowed to do everything digitally, they likely never touch paper again. From writing offers, doing listing presentations, depositing cheques, and so much more, you can go completely paperless. Which leads to the next top takeaway.

It Saves Time
When you’re fully committed to going paperless and taking your business mobile then you are going to save yourself a lot of time. No more driving back and forth between the office and the home to use the scanner, no more printing out MLS Data sheets, and so many other time consuming practices you’ll never have to do again.

It’s been found that it can save, on average, about five hours per transaction when going paperless. That adds up quickly. That’s time you can spend prospecting and generating more business or even time you can spend with your friends and family outside of the business. When using paper there are a lot of inefficiencies in the systems people use. When leveraging technology in the correct way you are able to save both time and money in the long run and make your life a lot better. You just need to commit to fully implementing a system that works for you!