Whether you’re just starting out in the real estate industry, or you have years of experience under your belt, finding new ways to manage leads to build and grow your business is imperative to your future success. You can spend hours researching and trying out the tools everyone is talking about, but as a real estate professional, your time is valuable. Luckily, the latest RE/MAX INTEGRA technology initiative has you covered! RE/MAX Launchpad is the place to go to easily access the tools that are currently making waves in the industry, and we have sourced some of the best in the industry so you can spend less time researching, and more time where it matters. Find out how HomeSpotter and Contactually can help you manage leads and grow your business below:


HomeSpotter was created to give home buyers an app that is easy to use and is packed with information. Not only are the apps attractive and user friendly, they also help you as a real estate professional better connect with your clients, enhance your marketing, and be more productive. These agent-branded apps deliver the best mobile search experience for iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets to more than 200,000 agents throughout the United States and Canada.

Upon surveying their many clients, HomeSpotter found that it is beneficial to both agents and brokers in many different ways. As a Broker, benefits range from providing the latest technology, to keeping up with competition, to empowering agents. There is also opportunity for branding, exposure and image, and recruiting and retaining agents with the latest technology tools. Agent-branded apps are all about marketing – reconnecting with your sphere, engaging and retaining buyers, sellers and open house clients, and of course, image – all leading to lead gen!

At HomeSpotter, there is a Client Success Team that does nothing but coach best practices and assist brokers with increasing consumer/agent adoption. Find out how a HomeSpotter app can help your real estate business or team by easily accessing it through RE/MAX Launchpad!


For millions of professionals, relationships are the backbone of a viable business. Whether it’s current clients, future prospects, or potential investors; Contactually’s mission is to help you build stronger relationships with the people that matter most to your current profession and/or career.

Imagine if you were offered one of two different groups of sales prospects. One group consisted of 10,000 random people in real estate who saw a brief message about you (along with messages for everyone else). The other group was five hundred people who (a) already knew who you were, and (b) actively like what you do. Now, imagine that it cost thousands of dollars (or more) to get the first group — and the second group cost nothing to acquire.

Sounds simple, right?

Whether you realize it or not, you likely already have that second group of leads. Contactually will help you and your team find them, and turn those leads into results and income for your business. Nurturing isn’t hard, if you have the right system.

Ironically, regularly following-up with high-quality, slow-developing leads is so simple, most real estate agents end up having a lot of trouble doing so, or don’t do it at all. There’s no trick, and no magic to following-up — you just have to do it. But it’s easy to get distracted, lose track of “who’s who,” and get stuck on the daily logistics of it all.

That’s why we built Contactually. It’s specifically designed to reduce the time, effort, and discipline needed to follow-up systematically — using the channels real estate agents and brokers are most comfortable with, and powerful features designed to help you take advantage of even the largest networks.

You’ve already met your next great customers. Contactually helps you find them.

There is no better time to get started using HomeSpotter and Contactually to manage and generate leads in your business. Head to RE/MAX Launchpad now to access these tools and many more!