Social media allows us to be in the know on the latest events, news and updates every minute, of every day. The problem is, we can’t be on it all day long. Co Everywhere, which has recently been revamped, is your local social buzz. If you want to find out what social activity is happening in your neighborhood, this app will deliver you exactly that. From finding the latest tweets to local business deals – everything is easily fished out by Co Everwhere. You can define the area by drawing it out on a map and get started. It’s as simple as that.


After logging in, and creating a basic profile (which is optional), the app will prompt you to start drawing up to 3 areas that you are interested in. Add these areas by tapping on the plus button and it will lead you to the next screen where you can zoom into the map to identify more specifically where you want to  get more information from.

App of the Month Image 1


Once you have zoomed into the map, you can start off by using your finger to draw your your selection on a map. Feel free to zoom in and out to get as specific as you wish. Be careful however – This app is meant to give you hyper-local information, therefore if you draw an area which is too large you will be prompted to draw a smaller area.


Once defined, you will see five tabs at the bottom which you can tap on to find out the relevant informations. Check out what people are tweeting in the area, or if local business are posting any updates. You can also see what events are happening locally as well as any deals that businesses have posted in the area.

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If you want the app to suggest trending areas around you, you can tap on the main screen the icon which asks you to turn on your location services. That way the app can detect your current location and start pushing out trending content to you.

Navigating this app is extremely simple, question is what do you do with all this information? As a Realtor, there is plenty you can do – Use this information to inform yourself of happenings in your neighborhood, talk to people about events and local businesses and deals they are providing. It’s an easy step towards truly becoming a local expert who is in the know of what’s happening!

Do you have suggestions about other apps you think would be useful to your business? Leave a comment below to let us know and we may feature it in our next edition of App of the Month!