If you haven’t gotten started with video, it’s probably not because you fail to recognize its importance and value. You may be worried about the best way to get started, your appearance on video, or you may be thinking it’s for other people, but not for you. The thing is, you’re probably overthinking it.

Here’s the thing: video is just a medium. It’s a package. It’s a container in which you can deliver your message. It’s a way to deliver … you! Because you’re better in person.

Video doesn’t need to be a “production.” You already own what you need to get started. And you know you’re better in person! Below are three different tools that will help you make an impact in your business using video:

When it comes to creating and sharing videos, BombBomb makes it easy. Using either your computer or your mobile device, you will be able to create simple video that you can easily share to make an impact in your business. Think of it like a voicemail, only it has your face, personality, non-verbal communication and more. It’s like being there in person when you can’t be there in person – with your new leads, with referrals, before or after a listing presentation, in your market updates, with anyone in your sphere!

With powerful tracking, instant open and play notifications, BombBomb is a tool that not only helps you build relationships in your business, but also grow your business. It is a professional platform for both traditional and video emails and is an easy way to take your business to the next level.

A TourFactory virtual tour is a great place to leverage the power of video clips and create lasting connections with potential buyers. Flames dancing in the fireplace or a soothing water feature in the tranquil backyard create a memory that lasts longer than a still photo. What if real estate agents had the opportunity to showcase the gourmet kitchen with all its thoughtful features to a buyer just as they would during an open house? With video clips added to a virtual tour real estate agents have that opportunity every time someone views their listing online.

We all know that great marketing leads to more business. When a real estate agent adds a video clip of them showcasing that perfect kitchen, they are also showcasing why they are successful at marketing real estate – their personality, their professional approach, their creative thinking. How a real estate agent markets themselves is part of what makes them successful. Video doesn’t only help agents sell this listing, it helps them win the next.  Real estate agents who add a video clip to their virtual tours are taking their marketing to the next level. See an example here.

Buying a property is one of the most significant financial investments of anyone’s life, however our decision process starts on such basic imagery. Vieweet was started to aid potential buyers to get a better understanding and feel viewing a property interactively which in turn results happier vendors!

With Vieweet anyone can create high quality 360 virtual tours using your smartphone the Vieweet app and our special lens.  The tours are extremely easy to  make and can be stitched together in minutes using our system.  Your tour can then be shared on portals, websites and social media instantly showcasing your potential properties.

The virtual tours are interactive; you can zoom in and out and walk between rooms. This allows the potential buyer to virtually walk through any property giving them much more information then static photos! This will leave a lasting impact on both vendors and buyers when viewing your marketing material online.

Now that you know the tools you need to start creating an impact with video, what are you waiting for? All you have to do to access them quickly and easily is login to RE/MAX Launchpad. With a single sign-on, you can easily access these and so many other great tools that will save you time and energy and improve your productivity.