There’s a sign in my garden that tells all my flowers to “grow, darn it!” And while I look out at it this morning, I’m reminded that it’s not just the plants that need to grow…

As a real estate professional you work in an environment that’s ever changing; inventory levels vary, interest rates fluctuate, clients come and go. Whether you’ve been doing this for two years or 20, the one thing that remains the same is your need to continually develop yourself to produce the best service for your clients. How do you do that? You grow! Professional growth should always remain a priority as it is the surest way to expand your mind and your skills. Two easy ways to ensure you keep growing is by learning from others and yourself.

To learn from others simply take a good look around you:

  • Real estate is a profession built on connections and referrals and RE/MAX is proud to be home to the industry’s most experienced agents! Remember to reach out to those around you and ask for help when you’re stuck with a challenging situation.
  • As a RE/MAX agent you belong to a powerful brand that’s constantly providing training and educational opportunities. Check out a list of all of our upcoming live trainings and webinars on
  • Additionally, REALTOR Associations offer ongoing professional development courses throughout the year. Check your local board’s website to see what classes are being offered this summer.
  • There are countless online real estate publications that offer daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters for free. Do a little research to see which ones speak to you and subscribe to their emails. Valuable content is delivered right to you and allows you the freedom to consume it at your convenience.
  • If you want something a little more personal, look into a real estate coach. These paid-services provide you one-on-one consulting, the opportunity to attend seminars, and access online training tools. In addition, they provide personal accountability and moral support.

While learning from others is probably the most common practice for professional growth, learning from one’s self can be just as eye, or should I say mind, opening:

  • If you’ve been in the real estate industry for a few years and are part of a brokerage that’s welcoming on newly licensed agents, open yourself up to these new hires as a mentor. It’s amazing the clarity that one finds about the things they know when someone else asks and is dependent on them. And with every question, you’ll discover new tactics, approaches, and ideas as you won’t want to let your mentee down.
  • Consider taking an online personality or learning style test, or a strength and weakness finder. By learning more about who you are, what you like, and why, you will better understand how you work and how to approach personal and professional development.
  • Think about this: If you always do what you always did you’ll always get what you always got. With that said, challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone, something that might even scare you a little bit. When you start to reach beyond those boundaries you’ll discover you become more productive, better prepared for unexpected situations, and maybe most importantly, you’ll find that pushing yourself towards your personal and professional goals will become easier.

Now that you have eight surefire ways to learn something new, grow darn it! And if you have more suggestions on personal and professional growth techniques, leave them in a comment box below.