Camp RE/MAX is back for another summer, and this year, we’re going to the beach! Did you miss Camp RE/MAX last year? Before you start picturing your RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Team in their sunblock and water wings, this is a virtual camp experience for RE/MAX Agents all over the world. Each week, hundreds of people from dozens of countries get together to share, network, and learn on a global level. Whether you’re at home, at the cottage, or on the go, Camp RE/MAX goes where you go. Each webinar is 20-30 minutes long and covers a different topic each week. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Week 1: July 9th at 11:00am EST  
Sunblock: Ways to Protect Your Brand Value
Join RE/MAX INTEGRA’s Director of Training, Valerie Garcia, as she helps you form your value proposition so you know how to articulate the value you bring to the consumer and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Week 2: July 16th at 11:00am EST
Shark Attack: How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Being Busy
RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Specialist Andrew Fogliato, fresh off another great year at Camp RE/MAX last summer, is back to talk about systems. Creating a great business that can grow and not leave you always scrambling to keep up is dependent on creating great systems within your business.

Week 3: July 23rd at 11:00am EST
Fishing: Using the Right Bait to Capture Leads
Join our New England based Training Specialist, Dan Levine, as he dives deep into the world of online lead generation by using landing pages and different tools to generate leads online.

Week 4: July 30th at 11:00am EST
Surfing: A Wicked Cool Online Presence
Join one of our mid-western Training Specialists, Michelle Hoyt, as she talks about creating and maintaining a great presence online. Your reputation is everything and in this age of unlimited information its harder than ever to maintain it. Find out what your clients should find when they search for you online.

Week 5: August 6th at 11:00am EST
Lifeguard: Give your Listing Presentation CPR
Join our other Mid-Western Training Specialist Crissy Roeglin as she looks at some of the top ways to infuse your listing presentation with a little life. Don’t miss this one!

Week 6: August 13th at 11:00am EST
Boardwalk: Including Local Businesses in your Marketing
Join one of the hosts of last years successful Camp RE/MAX sessions, Kiran Gandhi, as she looks at different ways to engage local businesses to improve your marketing and generate more local interest.

Week 7: August 20th at 11:00am EST
Sandcastle: Building a Solid Lead Conversion Strategy
Andrew Fogliato is back for a second Camp RE/MAX session this summer to talk about the basics of building a lead conversion strategy. It’s one thing to generate leads, its another altogether to convert those into clients. Tune in on August 20th to get your lead conversion strategy started!

Week 8: August 27th at 11:00am EST
Ice Cream: Finding your Unique Marketing Flavor 
Valerie Garcia returns to finish off Camp RE/MAX for another year! She is going to be leading a session on a very important topic which is about putting your own personal touch into your content marketing.

If Camp RE/MAX isn’t on the top of your summer to-do list, you’ll be missing out on 8 weeks of endless learning opportunities, the chance to network with RE/MAX agents globally, and most importantly, fun! Register and secure your spot on the Camp RE/MAX roster! Last year saw over a dozen different countries and over 1,000 people registered. This year is sure to be bigger and better so don’t miss out on a summer filled with learning.