Have you ever missed an event or activity, and wished you could watch it live from virtually anywhere in the world? Whether it’s a conference you had your heart set on attending, a concert you couldn’t snag a ticket for, or even a meeting your schedule wouldn’t allow, Periscope is the answer. In one sentence, they perfectly describe their tool and the sole benefit of its existence: “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.”

Launched just under a year ago, Periscope has taken off very quickly. Given the fact that video has become such a huge element in today’s society, this app makes it easy to broadcast live video in real time which is the main reason why it is so attractive to users. Sounds easy enough, right? Periscope allows you to broadcast to many viewers at once, live from your phone. It’s compatible with both Android and iOs devices and broadcast saves for 24 hours where users can replay it after which it disappears. Viewers have the option to comment live, and express their liking to the broadcaster by tapping on the screen and have lovely hearts float around which are the equivalent to likes on Facebook.

The primary purpose of Social Media is to communicate and engage with people, and the capabilities of this app allow you to create a more authentic connection with your viewers. Followers can see your face, get to know your personality and it helps humanize you and your brand. Since this app is launched by Twitter, hashtags are commonly used in all communication on this app which includes its titles which means the way titles are written is of utmost importance as it helps viewers find relevant content through searches.

A good way to get started is to start following people and see what is being broadcast. If you connect to Periscope using your Twitter account, it will pull in your followers through your Twitter account that are using Periscope.

Here are some ideas to help you get started using Periscope in your Real Estate business:

  • Publish a quick video a few minutes before starting your open house
  • Preview a home for your buyers live
  • Provide tours of attractions, local business and interest pieces of your neighborhood
  • Interview local businesses
  • Host contests
  • Host Q& A and Educational sessions. For example answer questions for first time home-buyers live, or host a session that informs people about investment properties live.

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