Looking back, what are some of your favourite summer memories? Growing up, they probably involved warm sunny days, camp fire songs, and endless fun filled activities. Some people may say that Summer Camp is no place for adults, but at RE/MAX, we disagree! As a child, camp was your opportunity to make memories that would last a lifetime. As an adult, Camp RE/MAX is your opportunity to learn and make memories that will impact your business for a lifetime.

2015 marks the third year of camp RE/MAX, but if you’re joining us from anywhere other than Ontario or Atlantic Canada, you may be joining us as a first time camper. Not to worry, we will catch you up on everything you missed so you can see exactly why you won’t want to miss what’s coming up in 2015!

Camp RE/MAX 2013

In the first year of Camp RE/MAX, we kept it traditional. With topics covering everything from creating content your audience wants, to avoiding obstacles in your business, we helped you end the year on a high note all while enjoying some time around a virtual camp fire. Catch up on everything you missed with the Camp RE/MAX 2013 Playlist on YouTube!

Camp RE/MAX 2014

Last year, it was Kiran and Andrew’s turn to be first time campers, and what a year it was to start! 2014, camp RE/MAX hit the road for a cross Canada road trip that was successful not only in Canada, but around the world! While the majority of people were logged in from within Canada, we had 14% of people logged in from the United States, 2% logged in from Spain, and 1% logged in from Turkey and Bahrain. Not only that, but it was blowing up social media with 504 Twitter mentions, and 664,306 impressions. Catch everything you missed with the Camp RE/MAX 2014 Playlist on YouTube!

In less than 1 week, Camp RE/MAX 2015 will be hitting the beach for 8 weeks of non-stop learning and networking that will help you make a splash in your business come fall. These 30 minutes sessions hosted for the first time by your entire RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Team will give you the tips, tricks, and tools you need to optimize your online presence and boost your fall productivity. Register below to join us for the first session on July 9th covering everything you need to know to protect your brand value. Keep in mind that you only need to register once in order to attend all 8 weeks of camp!

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