There is one marketing medium you may be scared to try, but it’s one that will make a big difference in your overall marketing strategy. There are so many options from virtual tours, to testimonials, to promotional videos, and all you need to do is let your creative juices flow and get started! Last month, RE/MAX INTEGRA agents in Ontario gathered with two of the best RE/MAX Agents in the field of video to share their ideas, tips, and tricks on how they have so successfully used video in their business. Not only was it a fantastic learning experience, it was an opportunity for every attendee to walk away with a video that they shot and edited from scratch.

Here are some of the top takeaways attendees took away from the Bootcamp:

  • Video will change the way you interact with people and do your business. Bear in mind the way we communicate has changed drastically, and so have consumer expectations of how they want to be communicated to.
  • Videos are a great way to start a conversation with people you’ve never met before
  • Focus on the pace of your video instead of length. Purpose of your video will determine the length, and if people are interested in your topic and your pace is fast, they will watch the whole video.
  • Ensure that the content of your video provides value to the viewer
  • Try to capture real moments in your videos – viewers will appreciate that and be able to connect with the honesty behind that
  • Be personable in your videos and ensure your personality shines through
  • Think for topics outside the real estate transaction – leverage communities, answer questions and push out some personal videos
  • Trust your gut and don’t get too caught up in your appearance