Whether beaches, mountains, lakes, or rivers surround you, the summer makes every area more beautiful!  The real question is if you’re taking advantage of all that scenery…

We can always use more social media content, right?  We could always use more ideas to add a little more color to our social media platforms. Depending on where you live, you can use the summer and the scenery it provides to your advantage! Here are a few ideas:

1. Take Photos of The Highlights of Your Town/City:

SummerSocial 1

2. Take Videos of Things to Do in Your Area:

SummerSocial 2

3. Restaurant/Travel Articles in Your Area:

SummerSocial 3

4. Helpful Articles for Home Maintenance:

SummerSocial 4

5. Funny Signs Around Town:

SummerSocial 5

With all five of these suggestions, the key thing to notice is that you should be providing some sort of value to the viewer base at large (yes, humor counts as value!). Not only are you providing value in the means of information, though; as you may notice, all of these also have very visual aspects to them. This is not only to enhance the likelihood that the pictures or articles will show up on people’s Facebook news feed (there’s an algorithm that calculates all that), but it will also give your posts some “pop!”

Happy posting and happy summer!

By: Dan Levine, RE/MAX Training Specialist, RE/MAX of New England