Last winter, I did a webinar entitled, “Keeping in Touch with your Database.” Many of you attended and have implemented some of the ideas, thank you! I would like to revisit that topic now as you are all very busy this Summer selling season and it is easy to fall behind on your follow up. Here are 5 important highlights:

  1. Objectives. Yes, the ultimate goal is to keep your income stream going, however, the importance of database management takes on a different meaning to a New Agent vs. a Seasoned Agent. New Agents, it’s about announcing your new career and establishing yourself as a real estate expert to people you have known for a good part of your life. It is a foundation to build your business from the ground up. For Seasoned Agents, your primary focus may be on increasing the monetary value of your business with an exit strategy emphasis. Having an organized, well-structured database could be extremely attractive to a potential buyer looking to ramp up his or her own efforts.
  2. Contact “Groups” or “Categories.” Whether your clients are stored in Lead Street, Top Producer, Contactually, or Gmail, you should assign each one of them a specific type. Follow up is not “one size fits all” so you should first understand the level of relationship you have with that contact. Set up “hyper specific” groups like “with phone number, no phone number, open house lead, networking group lead, LinkedIn import, no response, responded once,” and other labels you feel you may need. You have to do a bit of “profiling” of each record to personalize the follow up. It is no longer as simple as just creating “past clients” or “closed” as group types, it is all about knowing your audience and what method of communication they
  3. Follow Up Plan. If you respond to a lead once and don’t get a response back, you cannot give up! Today, you have to get especially creative with communication. If they give a mobile number, TEXT them! 0ver 93% of texts get responded to. If there is no phone number, send a brief but personal email of acknowledgement. Then, establish a 7-10 touch-point system. If email isn’t working, then try inviting them to connect on LinkedIn. Send them a video email via BombBomb or similar program. Invite them to join RE/MAX Rewards. Send them a link to a YouTube listing video or a community video showing them what it’s like to live in your area. Again, get creative and don’t be repetitive in your reach out.
  4. Social Media. This is one the easiest ways to stay in front of your sphere. You get instant and wide reach and you also get to have fun doing it! Interact with your past, present, and potential new clients by liking their posts, commenting on them, and sharing appropriate content that will generate engagement and memory points. Remember, you are what you post, so do so cautiously. While it should be obvious in your profile that you are a RE/MAX professional, your posts should primarily be non-business related. Too much “overselling” will cause others to “unfollow” you. The general rule is 80/20. Do business on Social Networks 20% of the time and 80% of the time you should be social!
  5. Client Relationship Management. The best real estate CRM’s out there like Top Producer, Contactually, Follow Up Boss, and Realty Juggler will keep you on track and help you to perform your follow-up activities as planned. Action plans or drip campaigns will do the work for you and provide reminders via calendar integrations. You need help to keep all of this going and the best part is, these systems are all mobile friendly so you can access your database virtually.

In summary, consolidate your contacts in one system, categorize them, implement a diligent and custom follow-up plan per group and stick to it! If you would like to view the full webinar on this topic, “Keeping in Touch with Your Database,” please visit and click on the RISE training site icon. The webinar recording is posted on RISE. If you have any issues accessing Launchpad, please submit a help ticket at Thank you and enjoy the rest of the summer!

By: Michelle Hoyt, Training Specialist