While basking in the warm sun and lazy days of summer, its getting more and more difficult to push aside the constant reminders that the busy fall season is on its way. The stores are filling up with the familiar signs of back to school, the days are getting shorter, and even Camp RE/MAX is more than half done! Instead of choosing to ignore it and dreading the arrival of one of the busiest times of the year, why not prepare for it? The August App of the Month may not be able to get your kids a new pair of shoes to rock on the first day of school, but it will help you organize your inbox so you are prepared for virtually anything that comes your way.

If you haven’t heard of Unroll.Me and are still manually organizing your inbox each and every day, prepare to be amazed. This app not only allows you to unsubscribe to the emails you no longer wish to receive, but it will help you combine your favourite emails into one subscription, and give you the opportunity to read what you want, when you want to read it by creating “Rollups” that you will receive at the same time each day. To get started, follow the steps below:

Signup: To get started, all you have to do is visit the Unroll.Me website where you will see many prompts to signup to take back control of your inbox.Image 1- Signup

Give Unroll.Me Permission: Once you have included your email, Unroll.Me will ask your permission to view and manage your mail, view your basic profile information, and manage your contacts.Image 2- Permission

Scan your Inbox: Once you have accepted and given Unroll.Me permission, the app will scan your inbox to determine how many subscriptions you have so you can start choosing whether or not you would like to easily unsubscribe, and start building your Rollup.

Image 3 - Subscription

Get Control Back: You will notice that all your emails will now be organized into a list alphabetically. You can go through the list and will be given the option to either unsubscribe, or add to a Rollup. Your Rollup can include all of the emails you would like to see, such as all newsletters or alerts, and from there you can choose the time of day you would like to receive your Rollup at.

Image 4- Rollup

Once the warm weather is a distant memory and you find yourself longing for just a couple of spare minutes in a day, you will be thankful you are no longer searching through your inbox for the emails you need to see to continue running a successful business.

Is there an app you think would be helpful in your business? Let us know so we can feature it in the next edition of App of the Month!