When Pearce’s parents, Jennifer and Chris, went for a prenatal ultrasound, they assumed everything was going to be just fine. Nothing could have prepared them for the news they received. Their unborn baby boy had multiple congenital heart defects, and they were advised to go to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Pearce was diagnosed with hypoplastic right heart syndrome, a condition in which the right side of the heart doesn’t develop the way it should and the heart cannot pump properly. Babies with this kind of congenital heart defect require open-heart surgery within days of being born. Children’s offers the highest level of care possible for kids like Pearce.

At just 10 days old, Pearce (now 7 years old) underwent his first open-heart surgery.

“It was so overwhelming to see tons of equipment and our baby hooked up to everything,” Jennifer said. “It just broke your heart as a parent not to be able to take your child out of the crib and just hold him whenever you wanted.”

Chris said, “The nice thing for us, being in the Fox Cities, is that we were able to access the Herma Heart Center at Children’s in Milwaukee and have great staff in Neenah for follow-up. We’re very fortunate to have the kind of top-notch care that people will travel across the country for.”

The Herma Heart Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is the largest pediatric cardiac center in the state and ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the #5 pediatric cardiology and heart surgery program in the nation. Families worldwide trust the Herma Heart Center for compassionate, comprehensive and cutting-edge cardiac care for their children, before birth and into adulthood.

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