As children, we spend the cool fall days and the colder winter months counting down the days to the best day of the year; the first day of summer camp! Once there, your time spent telling stories, making friends, and participating in camp activities is dedicated to making memories that will last you until you return the following year. For the past three years, we have given you the opportunity to relive those feelings. Whether it was a classic summer camp event, a Cross-Canada road trip, or our latest trip to the beach, Camp RE/MAX has allowed us all to reminisce on the good old days while learning the tools and skills we need to build a successful future.

Even though Camp RE/MAX 2015 has come to an end, there is no time like the present to reflect on the memories made throughout our last eight weeks together. Below, you can find a quick overview of each week spent at the beach, and information on where you can watch the entire session.

Week 1: When hitting the beach, protecting yourself from the sun is a huge priority, the same way protecting your brand value is important to your business. Learn the tips you need to know in order to form your value proposition and create an elevator pitch.

Week 2: As a real estate professional, being busy is part of the territory. With Camp RE/MAX 2015 underway, we learned the common pitfalls of being busy and how you can create systems to help you stay on track.

Week 3: If you want to capture the best fish in the sea, you need to make sure you’re using the right bait. This week, we learned how you can use landing pages and other tools to help generate leads.

Week 4: When surfing, you sometimes have to wait all day for the perfect wave, but why should you make your clients wait when surfing the web to find you? These tips, tricks, and tools will help you create a wicked cool online presence so you are easy to find online.

Week 5: Could your listing presentation use a breath of fresh air? During week 5, we share everything you need to know to give your listing presentation some much-needed CPR to infuse some life back into it.

Week 6: Who doesn’t love hitting the boardwalk to soak up the atmosphere during a day at the beach? Give your marketing strategy a summer refresh by learning the top ways to engage local businesses into your business strategy.

Week 7: If you want to build something that will last, it’s best to start with a solid foundation. As camp RE/MAX begins to wind down, we learned the basics of building a firm lead conversion strategy.

Week 8: Can you even consider it a trip to the beach without ice cream? End your Camp RE/MAX journey on a high note by finding your unique marketing flavour by putting your own touch on your marketing content.

Your time at summer camp as a child flew by, and our time spent at Camp RE/MAX is not exception! To all those who joined us, we thank you for making this another successful summer, and we look forward to seeing you as we embark on another adventure in the summer of 2016!