With Summer turning into Fall, there are only a few months left to really maximize open houses for all they are worth.  What’s the most time-consuming part of an open house?  Usually, isn’t it following up with people?  When was the last time you actually took that hand-written list of guests, transcribed it into your database, and followed through with the people who came?  If you have ever gone through that process, you know (or could at least imagine) that it would be an incredibly time-consuming process.

One of the best ways that you can accomplish this (with flying colors, I might add) is Open Home Pro.  Available for FREE in iTunes and the Google Play Store, Open Home Pro is a tablet-only app that allows you to register guests at an open house, ask them pre-set questions, and – most importantly – send automatic follow-up emails to the visitors.

Web Interface


Once you create your account on openhomepro.com, you can add your listings (note: for now, this has to be a manual process), access your database of past open house guests, pre-designate sign-in questions, and manage your email campaigns.  In general, this is where you keep track of everything that takes place on the app!

Mobile Interface – Client View


Once you click “Start Open House,” you can prompt people walking into the open house to sign in on your tablet (a nice way to make a first impression!) and answer questions.  Want to know if they’re working with an agent already?  Want to know if they have a home to sell?  This is where those questions get answered!  All responses will be cataloged in their contact profile within your account.

Mobile Interface – Agent View


Once the open house is over, you can access all the prospective buyers’ contact information and the answers to your questions; in other words, this is how you can more accurately target them based on their individual conditions.  In addition to that, your open house guests will automatically receive emails to thank them for their attending, alert them for price reductions, and notify them when the property goes under agreement.

All in all, THIS is the open house follow-up solution that you’ve been waiting for!