I’m not good with technology. I’m never going to get this. I’m too old to learn this. Sound familiar?

These are just a few of the statements heard throughout many classrooms around the world. I’ve been teaching adult sales professionals for over a decade and I’ve learned many valuable lessons along the way. As fall training season starts to rev up I thought I’d share a few of these lessons from the classroom with you.

  •         I’m not good with technology- That’s ok! Yes, that’s right- it’s ok. You may never be Steve Jobs, but you don’t have to be. That’s not to say technology isn’t an important part of our business; we all know it is and it will continue to be. The fact that it may take you a bit longer to learn something that doesn’t come natural to you is completely normal. There is always a learning curve. Yours might take a longer winding path, but you will get there. It’s important to give yourself a break by giving yourself adequate time to learn.
  •         I’m never going to get this- You’re right! This, my friends is an unfortunate truth. One I’ve seen played out first hand. If this is the mantra you repeat to yourself this will become your reality. The mindset we approach something with does affect the outcome. Honestly, this is harder to overcome than a lack of skill. Skills can be taught; mindset is engrained in who we are and built over a lifetime. But, it can be changed. Don’t let “I’m never going to get this” be your reality. Instead, approach each new learning situation with an “I got this!” or “I can do this.” When you change your mindset, you change your reality.
  •         I’m too old to learn this- Nonsense! Let’s look at a little adult learning theory. As children we learn like sponges; we soak up new information and learn new tasks faster because our sponge (brain) isn’t full. Adults come into training fully soaked (with a full brain). We have a lifetime of learning saturating our brains, which can make it challenging to absorb new information. Challenging, but not impossible. The key is to make room in your sponge by mentally preparing for your learning experience. Fully understanding what your motivation is for learning something and consciously making it important will trigger your brain to perk up and make room for this information.  It’s a proven fact that keeping your brain active by learning is a factor in staying young- not matter what age you are.

It’s true that a great trainer will help you work through barriers that are brought with to class, but the more prepared you are – the better your outcome will be.  Learning to recognize your barriers will help you have a much better and more productive learning experience. You got this!!

By: Crissy Roeglin, Training Specialist