It is easy to get so busy with your clients in front of you that you may unintentionally neglect your leads as they come in or may forget to follow up. It is really important to have a good strategy in place to convert leads from all sources. Do you have one? If not, we can help you with some tips taken from Week 7 of CAMP RE/MAX 2015, in which I compared building a solid lead conversion strategy to building layers of a sandcastle.

Here are the four basics steps we covered:

  1. Lead Response Plan-This is the foundation of any effective lead conversion. If you are not prepared nor have established the proper catching mechanism for all leads coming, you will only get a few and many more will go right past you and onto the competitors. Do you have a plan in place to respond? Whether you get 10 leads a week or 100, you have to establish some key steps with these leads to have a chance at making contact and converting to actual business. Take some time to create a 7-10 touch point system for every new lead in the first 30-45 days. DO NOT GIVE UP! You will not reach most on the first attempt, probably not on the 2nd or 3rd either, but maybe on the 6th or later. Get creative in the way you attempt to connect. Try inviting them to join your network on LinkedIn or send them a RE/MAX Rewards invitation. Calling them 10 times or emailing them 10 times won’t always get you results. Your plan will depend on the source where the lead came from.
  2. Follow Up-The steps you initially set up won’t always get you the results you need, so you have to establish some ongoing follow up. Did you know the average lead in real estate converts in 12-18 months? Seems like a long time, right? Well this means it is even more important to put a plan in place to stay in front of them. Send Video messages and comment and like on social posts of leads or clients you are connected to. Set up custom groups in your database so that your follow up content matches what your actual relationship is with that individual. For instance, did you actually meet them in person? If so, you can send a more personal touch like that video message or even a handwritten note. If there is a phone number, text them! Yes, text! Over 93% of texts get responded to, the odds are in your favor.
  3. Tracking-It is critical that you track your lead conversions, specifically where they came from so you can decide for yourself if your efforts are paying off. Sign up for a free Google Analytics account to know how consumers find your website. This is especially needed if you are buying ads anywhere that are geared towards driving traffic to your site. Run lead performance reports wherever available so you can watch for trends. If you are buying leads from certain zip codes or areas on various platforms, you need to know if it is a viable source or you need to reallocate your marketing dollars elsewhere.
  4. Stay Top of Mind-With the average lead cultivation period at 12-18 months, you have to remember to always stay in front of your database. Remember to utilize those social connections and platforms to make announcements on your business such as a new YouTube channel or newly designed website. You don’t always have to asking your followers to buy or sell real estate, there is so much more to talk about in the world. Feature the human side of yourself at client appreciate events or charity outings, it makes for a lasting impression. Putting yourself on video is the best way for others to get to know you so start posting messages in that format.

You can view the Building a Solid Lead Conversion Strategy session in its entirety on the RE/MAX INTEGRA RISE site, available through For help logging in, please put in a help ticket at Thank you and best of luck increasing your lead conversion!

By: Michelle Hoyt, Training Specialist