Get ready, get excited, and get motivated because we’re about to unveil something BIG!

Here’s What You Need to Know:

Earlier in the year, RE/MAX, LLC announced to all non-independent regions their intention to move to a new LeadStreet vendor, Homes Connect. In anticipation of this change, and for the past 18 months, RE/MAX INTEGRA set out to review several options that would not only serve as a replacement for LeadStreet, but strategically enhance our technology offering to help you become more productive.

Here’s What You Really Want to Know:

Put away the stress balls, stop the nervous snacking, and cool it on the caffeine, these new tools are about to take your business to the next level. Your RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Team is ready to hit the ground running to help you transition to these three brand new tools found within the RE/MAX Launchpad Productivity Suite. FiveStreet will join the RE/MAX Launchpad Productivity suite as the primary lead aggregation platform along with ListHub for syndication, and Placester for office and agent websites. These three brand new tools will join RISE, Mainstreet, and Design Center as the turnkey tools that will give your agents a competitive edge.

Agent Infographic

Q: How Much Time Do I Have?

A: The transition will start mid-November, which leaves us the perfect amount of time to get you educated and rocking these brand new tools.

Q: What Do These Tools Do, Again?

FiveStreet: This tool will grab all your leads from not only RE/MAX sites, but also your own sites and send them to you in one simple location
ListHub: This tool allows you to decide how and where your listings are sent
Placester: Your one stop shop for a beautiful and functional personal website
RISE: Customized training & videos on todays hottest tools and topics
DesignCenter: Easily create and share professionally branded marketing materials
MainStreet: Stay in touch with all things RE/MAX around the world and share referrals

Q: Who’s Going to Help Me?

A: Your RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Team, of course! Keep an eye on your inbox for more information on upcoming web and live training sessions.

Q: Will I Lose My Stuff?

A: Your contact list will remain the same and LeadStreet will continue to be accessible throughout the transition and will not be disabled until every office is fully transitioned.

Q: What if I have Questions?

A: This is a big change; of course you’re going to have questions! If you want to learn more about why this is happening, have questions about the transition process, or just want to learn more, have them ready to ask your Training Specialists after the upcoming webinars. They will also be ready to answer any remaining questions during the live training sessions that we will provide more information on in the coming weeks.

If you think this is exciting, we’re just getting started. Keep an eye on your inbox in the coming weeks for more announcements on this exciting initiative and what you can expect throughout the rollout as we make this transition.