Want to put the FUN back in your marketing?  Want to get out from behind your laptop or smartphone and still build your business? You didn’t get into Real Estate because you love your computer. So how can you generate new business, continue the current relationships you’ve built, and invest in building a sustainable business for years to come while doing what you do best- working with people and having FUN?

A great and easy way to start is to include local businesses in your marketing. When you partner with the locals it expands your network and introduces you to a whole new pool of possibility. It also helps to solidify your role as the local expert and “go-to” Real Estate agent.

By being active in the communities you do business in you’ll:

  •         Be visible; be sure to wear your RE/MAX gear so people know you’re a Real Estate Agent.
  •         Provide value; by partnering with local businesses, community groups, or charities you are reinvesting back into the people that live there.
  •         Be a consistent presence;

Why is this important? Because these 3 key marketing principles: being visible, providing value, and being consistent are incredibly effective ways to connect with and build your client base not only for today, but for years to come.

To help get you started we’ve put together a few FUN ideas below. The possibilities are endless! As an added bonus, when you work with local businesses to hold special events you have a partner to share the planning and costs (if any) with.

  •         Don’t just hold an open house. Create an open house event! Have local business “guest stars” participate. To help promote their business they could provide prizes and giveaways to attendees. It’s a win-win! You’re going to be there anyway, so why not make it a party?
  •         Local schools are always looking for volunteers to help during various school year activities. These events typically draw big crowds and are great ways to enhance your local presence. Plus unless you are on the event planning committee all you typically need to do is show up and do some helpful volunteer work, of course while wearing your RE/MAX logo wear. Logo wear is a great way to say, “I’m a Real Estate Agent!” without you actually having to say it and feel too “promoty” during volunteer events.
  •         Partner with a local business or 2 to organize a customer appreciation event. Example: Include a local restaurant and provide samples of the local cuisine (provided by the restaurant of course), include some fun floral arrangements (double duty them as prizes) donated by a local florist, and so on. You get the idea!

These are just 3 simple ideas out of a limitless supply of possibilities. Remember, whatever you choose to do be sure to promote, promote, promote! This isn’t “build it and they will come”. When you partner with local businesses also be sure to ask them to promote the event. This helps maximize your marketing efforts and builds productive, sustainable partnerships to enhance your future business growth.