HubSpot, a Massachusetts-based marketing powerhouse, has grown rapidly in the past few years in both their profits and publicity.  In their quest to spread the awareness of “inbound marketing” (providing great marketing content to drive engagement instead of just impressions), they have hosted an annual conference since 2012 called INBOUND, at which marketers can hear from some of the most progressive minds in the field.  I had the opportunity to attend this year’s INBOUND conference, along with Crissy Roeglin from RE/MAX INTEGRA MidWest and was fortunate enough to sit in on some amazing sessions!  


Here are just some of my top takeaways:

From “The Neuroscience of Memorable Content” – Dr. Carmen Simon, RexiMedia

  1. We have so much information at our fingertips that people only remember 10% of what you tell them (even if they WANT to remember).  Be succinct and find that 10%!
  2. Predictability breeds boredom; when you’re talking to people, make sure you are being a little spontaneous to keep their attention
    • Keep in mind that TOO many surprises get “weird” after a while
    • Don’t offer an opportunity for people to look away!
  3. When you market to people, think about the type of impression you want to create
    • Infographics are short-lived: if that’s your “10%,” then create them!
    • For longer-lasting impressions, try to include a story to keep them engaged

From “7 Reasons Even Your Mom Would Ignore Your Email” – Tom Monaghan, HubSpot

    1. You sent it at the wrong time. – Mix up the time of day to find the “sweet spot.”
    2. You got your mom’s email from where?! – The more genuine the source, the better off you will be (in other words, don’t buy email lists!)
    3. Your email could use a “die” job – Elicit a response from your audience.  If people don’t respond, stop emailing them!
    4. You’re getting a bit too personal – First names are good, but any other information is “creepy.”
    5. You kiss your mother with that mouth? – Do you love being marked as spam?!  Try using words like “free,” “urgent,” and “win.”  …basically, don’t do that.
    6. You make it too hard. – Don’t bury a link in “a sea of text.”  Place the same link in multiple places within your email to make sure they see it.
    7. “The internet is down again!”

From “Facebook Marketing Success” – Mari Smith (social media coach)

  1. 73% of video on Facebook is taken from somewhere else (aka YouTube)
    • Want more impressions/visibility?  Upload your own videos.
  2. “Mari’s Four-Phase Social Media Profit System” (plan 1 year in advance)
    • CORE phase – engagement, posts everyday, listening, identifying superfans
    • BUILD-UP phase – anticipation, empower affiliates, contests, big reveals
    • PROMOTION phase – Free stuff (webinars), promotions, early birds, sale cutoffs
    • FOLLOW-UP phase – still time to join! Last minute specials, testimonials, case studies
  3. Organic reach tips
    • Post more native video
    • Experiment with posting outside business hours
    • Mix up frequency – try posting LESS often!
    • Mix up post types
    • Test post length
    • Include @ tags of other pages
    • Report popular posts
    • Pre-select target audience
    • Drive traffic from other sources

I attended several more sessions and have tons of notes on all of these.  Trust me, it’s worth the look!  Click here to view all my notes from INBOUND 2015!  

Dan Levine
Training Specialist, RE/MAX INTEGRA, New England