During the time of year when the warm, lazy days of summer are a distant memory, and your business is the only thing keeping the cold winter days on the horizon at a safe distance, the only free time you have is the free time you have to schedule in your calendar. With RE/MAX RE/CHARGE quickly approaching, you may be mentally scanning your schedule to see if fitting it in is possible, while wondering if it will be worth it for you to attend. Below are five reasons why you should attend RE/MAX RE/CHARGE this fall! 

Grow: You’ve heard it before, and you’ll continue to hear it until it’s no longer true. Real estate is about the people, and that saying doesn’t only apply to your clients. RE/MAX Events give you the unique opportunity to network and brush shoulders with industry leaders from throughout RE/MAX INTEGRA, and the real estate industry as a whole. Additionally, attending events and networking with other attendees allows you to grow your own personal professional network to better your business moving forward.

Get Inspired: This year at RE/MAX RE/CHARGE, you have the opportunity to see speakers throughout the many Breakout & Spotlight sessions that will inspire you to make some positive changes in your business through the remainder of the year. Whether it’s learning video strategies, or learning the power of lessons learned, we have everything you need to RE/CHARGE your business

Learn: With multiple idea inspiring breakout sessions on the agenda, the opportunities to learn are endless. The choice is yours which gives you a tailored experience on topics like social media, productivity, technology, video, and so much more.

Challenge Yourself: How many times do you leave an event with an extra spring in your step as you walk out the door? You are inspired, motivated, and full of ideas that will change you and your business for the better. You get in your car, get back to your office, and before long you’re back into the regular swing of things without ever implementing the many things you learned. This year at RE/MAX RE/CHARGE, we are changing that! Challenge yourself to write down three actionable items that you will go home and work on, and hold yourself accountable to these actions.

Apply: Even though we mentioned it above, it’s so important this deserves its own section. We want to make sure you make the most of what you’ve learned so we are challenging you to apply the three actionable items you take away from the event. Don’t forget to let us know what you are working on so we can help you stay on top of it!

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