If you’ve ever heard of Nicholas Felton, you know he’s crazy about data. For the last decade, he’s published an annual Felton report that illustrates nearly every detail of his life, from what he ate, to where he traveled, and even who he talked to. In order to collect the data he needs for his reports, Felton came up with his own systems, and even apps, to monitor his every move. But for his last report, he decided to ditch his own hacks and use products available to the public. The most interesting thing about his last report is not what the widely-available technology uncovered, but rather, what it missed. All of these apps were working independently, and failed to reveal any type of context or insight into what he was actually doing.

It’s probably safe to assume you don’t need your apps to be as extensive as Felton’s. But it’s not unlikely that you share some of the frustration he felt after analyzing his last year of data. There are countless apps to help track your behavior and make your more productive, but how many of them work together? That’s where IFTTT comes in.

In their own words, IFTTT puts the internet to work for you. With this technology you can create connections between the products that you use most often, in addition to much more. For example, you can automatically save new iOS contacts to a Google spreadsheet for easy searching and sorting later on.

Just one of their focus areas allows you to maximize productivity. Some of their favorite features include:

  • faster scheduling
  • reminders for your entire team
  • cataloging important email with help from Evernote
  • getting on top of recurring tasks with help from Trello
  • syncing files across the cloud
  • understanding where you’re spending time

IFTT also helps you stay on top of what’s going on by organizing automatic tech and business updates and sending weather alerts & reminders. It can help you shop smarter, stay active, and even turn on your heater at home when you’re leaving work. What’s great about IFTTT is that you only create the connections that make sense for you, so it is completely customized to your life.

For all of us that need every minute in the day, and then some, IFTTT lets you create shortcuts to save you time and keep you organized. With over 230 connected services and channels, there is something for everyone.